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Qualities of Carbonell olive oil.

Carbonell has been perfecting the quality of its olive trees, the harvesting of the olive and the whole oil production process for more than one hundred years. As a result, Carbonell olive oil has evolved over time and is adapted to the needs of modern life.

Carbonell olive oil

Magna Oliva

This oil has been honored in prestigious international competitions; it is the jewel among extra virgin olive oils. Its delicious flavor, full of subtleties, makes it your kitchen’s most precious asset.

Organic Extra Virgin

This oil is produced from 100% organic crops, accredited by European Union organic certification. One of Carbonell’s key values is sustainability: caring for the planet and the futures of our children and grandchildren is of the greatest importance.

Extra Virgin

This Carbonell olive oil is ideal for adding to salads, cold dishes and breakfast toast. Its superb quality and flavor are noticeable from the very first taste.

Special Selection

The marriage of different varieties of carefully selected olives gives this oil a taste that is perfectly balanced and harmonious. It is ideal for the most delicate palates in the family.

Carbonell 0,4

It is a versatile olive oil, with a pleasant sensation on the palate without masking the authentic flavor of your daily dishes. Not recommended for cold use.


A Carbonell oil with the flavor of the land of Spain made from four different varieties that are especially characteristic of Spain: arbosana, manzanilla, cordobesa and morisca. Each has a delicate flavor with fruity notes, perfect for both hot and cold dishes.

Extra Virgin Spray

Ideal for preparing vegetables, meat, chicken and grilled fish. It gives your dishes a marvelous hint.

This is the versatility of Carbonell olive oil. Versatility that puts flavor and superb quality within everyone’s reach. All you need to do is decide which of these olive oils you would like to enjoy next time you cook.