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20 Sep 2023

What characteristics should a good bottle of oil have?

It might be that the quality of your olive oil is excellent, but if it is bottled in the wrong kind of container that quality is impaired. That’s why it’s important for you to know what the best olive oil bottle is like in order to ensure high quality when you go to buy your oil.

1. The color of the bottle. When you get to the olive oil aisle, something you notice from a distance is the color of the various bottles. You should rule out the transparent bottles and focus on the dark ones as they prevent the transfer of light rays, which are capable of degrading the oil.

2. The label. Once you have the oils in front of you, take note of whether the label says “extra virgin”. This is essential for determining that an oil is of the highest quality and that it provides all the necessary nutrients, since these oils have not undergone any type of refinement process and have a very low acidity level.

3. The size. An olive oil bottle that is smaller in size ensures quicker consumption, starting from the moment you open the bottle. This way, you will have a fresher oil and, therefore, an oil containing more nutrients that are good for your health.

4. The best before date. Olive oils do not usually have an expiration date, since their high stability means they are able to last longer in good conditions. However, Carbonell EVOO containers have a best before date to ensure that the oil does not lose its characteristics and is consumed while it is still fresh.

Moreover, an olive oil bottle that conveys the values of the land itself, as Carbonell bottles do — inspired by the arches of the Mosque of Cordoba — evokes the taste of tradition. And that’s how all the generations gather around the table to savor the best dishes.