Since 1866 around a table

The only way to offer an excellent quality oil, is taking care the olive tree as we have done since our origins.


In 1866 his dream came true. Create a high quality oil respecting the tradition.

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Antonio Carbonell

The grandfather of all, Antonio Carbonell, along with his son Carlos left an indelible memory in Córdoba.

His love for the land and for the great quality oil changed the story and made more special that moment around a table.


With the best designers and illustrators of the time we wear our cans of character.

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A gastronomic icon

In 1910, in Carbonell we took another step. The mythical illustration of the gypsy began to be reflected in our packaging.

By this way, we add more character to our Extra Virgin. An image that would travel 70 countries in a very short time.


We created “First Campaign”, an oil-tribute to our grandfather Antonio.

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It´s an honor

At the beginning of this century we saw that Spain recovered the world leadership of Olive Oil and we wanted to honor the great Antonio Carbonell, to the recolect and to the first pressing of 1866.

In addition, in 2014 we created a children’s line of Olive Oil rich in essential fatty acids.


150 years? This has only started. The innovation continues.

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A story far from its end

If we look back on everything we have lived, by what we have done our best, it gives us more than enough strength to continue offering an oil made of passion, dreams and a lot of love.


And we with them. In the 60´s, glass bottles became the protagonists.

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The time changes

The cans became bottles. Quality was always our reference and every detail was taken care to conserve our oil in the best way.

In the 70s, Carbonell laboratories were pioneers in Spain in terms of quality control and innovation.