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Since 1866 around a table

The only way to offer an excellent quality oil, is taking care the olive tree as we have done since our origins.

It all starts by loving our Earth

As a brand, Carbonell is committed to the earth and the olive trees that make it possible for families all over the world to enjoy the quality of a unique oil.

Production combines the best environmental practice, a high degree of biodiversity and the preservation of natural resources.

Sustainable cultivation of olive groves curbs the advancement of desertification, preserves biodiversity and highlights the importance of the families who have cared for olive trees over the generations. In this way, the role for society is dual: it provides products and contributes to the protection of the environment and the development of country areas.

Without quality we can not be sustainable

Sustainable quality begins with the defense of native varieties and their specific flavors.

In Carbonell, we encourage early harvesting, harvesting the olives at the optimum moment. At this moment, the aromas of the olives are in a pure state, obtaining greater nuances and more polyphenols, rich in antioxidants.

Quality is present throughout the entire production process, from harvest to fruit transport. The registration of all the olives that arrive at the mill allows us to identify the quality of each olive grove. The time of the process and the temperature at which it is carried out also directly affect the final result of Extra Virgin Oil. We control every detail to avoid the loss of phenolic compounds and oxidation.

Socially sustainable

At Carbonell we foster quality employment of locals and we struggle to prevent the depopulation of rural areas. To this end, we have established an agreement to support 96,986 households of farmers so that they cultivate their olive groves in a sustainable manner, fostering local varieties always respecting biodiversity.

We train oil mills and farmers; We promote equality practices between men and women in olive groves and oil mills.

We work on creating a community of oil mills.


We promote equality practices between men and women in olive groves and oil mills

Caring for every detail

We take care of the vegetal cover, the layer that makes that there is an auxiliary fauna in the olive grove that attracts other species. The inhabitants of the olive grove help control pests and reduce the use of agrochemicals. Organic matter enriches the soil, maintains its structure and prevents erosion. Biodiversity in the olive grove ecosystem becomes another focus of attention, since the decline in the number of birds and their danger of extinction directly affects the sustainability of the olive grove.

We use efficient packaging plants both energy and environmentally. We ensure a sustainable business development and minimize the impact of our activity on the environment. We do not use water as a direct resource due to our concern for its conservation. We have wastewater treatment plants, and their use as an indirect resource is controlled in each part of the process.

We communicate the importance of Olive Oil and sustainability to the consumer. We promote the use of oil byproducts for other purposes (biomass for boilers with the bone of the olives, animal feed with pruning remains, etc.)

Pampering the Earth

At Carbonell, we promote stable supply agreements. We work to implement actions aimed at achieving sustainable economic growth that benefits all people equally.

The company is concerned with the empowerment of the people who work in their organization, their improvement of professional performance and acquisition of skills. Therefore, we make available to the member companies means to plan, track and have business plans that allow the sustainability of the organization over time.

By promoting the importance of Olive Oil and its local workers, we value a system at risk of disappearing. By making the consumer aware of local culture and products, we help maintain an economic system with a centuries-old tradition.