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We invite you to meet the members of the Carbonell family. Our range of oils, vinegars and olives will be part of your kitchen and your table.

Carbonell Awards

A prize on your table at home

Are you enthused by good oil? Are you one of those people who seeks excellence in a bottle? If so, the Carbonell Awards section is made for you. Here are our Crown Jewels: Carbonell Magna Oliva and Carbonell Prestige.

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Olive Oil Competition


Olive Oil Competition


Olive Oil Competition

Ver Premios

Extra Virgin Olive Oils with multiple awards at the world's most important and prestigious national and international contests. High quality, multiple nuances and, above all, a harmonious ending on your taste buds. Pearls from the olive grove, an elixir of sophisticated aromas and textures for those who settle for nothing less than the extraordinary. With Carbonell Magna Oliva and Carbonell Prestige, every dish becomes a true prize.

Carbonell Ecology

To take care of yourself and those you love

This oil is made from sustainable crops, respecting the natural surroundings and the tradition of those who live off the land and for it as well. Discover Carbonell Ecology

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Are you concerned about the environment? Do you want to preserve the earth and those who take care of it? Do you want to collaborate in leaving a better world for those you love and those who will follow? We do care about all this and for these and many other reasons we have created Carbonell Ecology.

Carbonell Origin

The love of tradition, the earth and olive trees

They say the flavor of every olive depends on the place where it was grown. Harmony between the sky, the climate, the sun and the wind is what shapes a farmer's homeland.

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At Carbonell we are aware of this combination, we know what it is like to put your hand down into the earth, moving it and taking it up to your nose for the aroma. We know how to feel every olive tree and what we need to do for its branches to give us olives with an unmistakable flavor.