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The speed at which we live is fast-paced. We want everything without giving up anything. In the kitchen we need an ingredient that makes life easier, designed to take care of us.

Sabor olive oil ideal for cooking: to enjoy grilled and baked dishes with all their flavor. It contains exclusively refined olive oils and virgin olive oils and has a new spray format to serve the desired amount.

Extra virgin olive oil ideal for dressings: in spray format to flavor salads and toasts, and enjoy the pleasure of eating well while taking care of your health. A clean and practical container, with a dispenser to evenly distribute the oil.


Extra Virgin & Flavor Spray Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained without the use of chemical processes or refinement and stands out for its superior quality. Among its properties is its low content in polyunsaturated fatty acids and its contribution in oleic acid and antioxidants.

Olive oil is obtained through physical-chemical processes that add flavor and characteristics desired by the consumer. Olive oil has a lower acidity, a mild taste and smell and optimum stability against oxidation.

Tasting sheet

The basis of a good diet is to use monounsaturated oils that provide vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty oils. That is why olive oil is the most recommended for a balanced diet. Its consumption is favorable for heart health.

In this case you will have it in a practical spray that will help you to spray neatly the amount of oil you need, and to choose the most suitable variety for your kitchen.


Carbonell spray with bag-on-valve system

The exclusive spray format with bag prevents the oil from coming into contact with the gas and keeps it pure.


Benefits and uses

With this format you will prevent food from sticking when cooking, resulting in very well prepared meals without calories or high fat content.

It has a very versatile application. Use it for baked meats, sautéed vegetables, baking pastries, or in salads.