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Extra Virgin Organic

Caring is perhaps the most familiar act. The one that makes life a little better. This oil cares, not only for us, but also for the environment in which we live. It takes care of our trees, our air, our water. And how can we not take care of the earth? Our origin, our planet.

Our oil has a balanced taste where ripe notes combine well with fresh fruits with a vegetable sensation, hints of fig and ripe fruits such as tomato. Pleasantly bitter and spicy.


Extra Virgen
Selección Especial

The flavor of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is born from the careful harvesting of a select variety of olives and the love that characterizes us when extracting its juice is able to create a delicacy worthy of any table.

The key to create this more harmonious and balanced oil is in the combination of oils obtained from different varieties of 100% Spanish olives.

Tasting sheet

Its powerful flavor makes it an ideal product for raw use.

This oil is obtained from natural juice of olives of exceptional quality and only through mechanical procedures.

In this way we maximize the explosion of smells and flavors typical of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Bottle and stopper

Inspired by the arches of the Mosque of Cordoba, our glass bottle is an icon in Spanish kitchens. And with the new drip stopper, you can better control the amount of oil in your dishes, so cooking and dressing is easier than ever.



Your cold dishes, salads and toasts will combine perfectly with Carbonell Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

For connoisseurs, Carbonell Extra Virgin olive oil has a pleasant fruity flavor, with a balanced mouthfeel and fruity and herbaceous notes.