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Different types of vinegar and how they pair with your recipes.

Have you ever found that when you go to the supermarket and get to the vinegar section you don’t know which vinegar to choose? There are quite a few different types of vinegar, and for your dishes to be delicious it is important that you use the right one for each recipe.

These are the four most important vinegars to have in your kitchen for making all kinds of recipes:

Carbonell White Wine Vinegar. The flavor of this vinegar is quite light. If you prefer smooth flavors in your dishes then this white wine vinegar is a great option for you, since its acidic taste is quite moderate. This vinegar is perfect for preparing vinaigrettes, mayonnaise and hollandaise sauce.

Carbonell Balsamic Vinegar. This is one of the most popular types of vinegar for drizzling raw over cured cheeses and meats. Its flavor, texture and color help to decorate your dishes, giving them an appetizing touch. Use it in salads with goat’s cheese, blue cheese, or any cured cheese, as well as for vegetable gratin, carpaccios and risottos.

Carbonell Red Wine Vinegar. Made from the best wines of our land, this is characterized as a red vinegar that is fresh and elegant. Its taste is slightly acidic, perfect for cooking meat, fish and all kinds of stews. As a vinegar made with internationally renowned wines, it adds a unique flavor to your dishes.

Carbonell Sherry Vinegar. Among the various types of vinegar in existence, sherry vinegar is the most aromatically complex. Just a few drops of this vinegar add flavor to your recipes. This makes it perfect for pairing with authentic Mediterranean dishes, such as rice, pasta, vegetable, fish and seafood dishes.

In addition to these four vinegars described above, Carbonell White Wine and Garlic vinegar adds a touch of extra flavor to your dishes. It is an ideal vinegar for preparing baked dishes, as well as for tenderizing fish, dressing legumes and salads, and creating marinades and pickles.

Pairing your recipes with good vinegar and olive oil transforms the taste of your dishes. These distinct types of vinegar are made from the highest quality raw material, and this can be detected in the flavor and aroma of your recipes.