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What are the benefits of olive oil in your day-to-day life?

The benefits of extra virgin olive oil in the long term are well known. For example, it takes care of your cardiovascular health by reducing bad cholesterol and by protecting the cells of the body. But do you know what benefits it brings you every day?

1. It helps you stay in shape.

Thanks to their monounsaturated fatty acid content, both EVOO and olives themselves help to satisfy your appetite. This means feeling satisfied with smaller portions of food, and keeping hunger at bay between meals.

2. It promotes digestive function.

It is beneficial for digestion, as it reduces gastric acid secretion and fights constipation. As if this were not enough, EVOO helps the nutrients in the intestine to be better absorbed.

3. It improves your ability to reason.

One of the benefits of extra virgin olive oil is that it improves blood circulation. As a result of this, the brain receives optimal oxygenation in order to function properly.

4. It keeps the body young and full of vitality.

Extra virgin olive oil contains a large amount of antioxidants. These help the cells of the body to function and be maintained in perfect working order and, therefore, the entire body is optimized, including the immune system.

5. It provides energy.

When all the organs of the body are well oxygenated and their cells are at peak performance, the body is full of energy. Furthermore, another of the benefits of extra virgin olive oil is that it provides the ideal number of calories to give the body extra energy.

These are only five of the benefits that EVOO can give you on a daily basis and, as you can see, they are quite significant. Protect your health and that of your loved ones with a good quality extra virgin olive oil from Carbonell, and make them feel healthy every moment of every day.