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Types of Spanish olive trees

There is a wide variety of olive trees in the Mediterranean. In Spain there are several different varieties of olive trees for both olive oil production and table olives. Do you know what the most typical Spanish olive trees are?

The most important Spanish olive trees for producing oil

Among the Spanish olive trees that produce oil, Picual is one of the most important varieties, since it occupies a large area of land and also has a high yield. This type of olive tree is mainly found in Jaén, although there are also some in Seville, Cordoba and Granada.

The second variety of Spanish olive trees in terms of land occupied is the Cornicabra olive tree, which also owes its success to its high yield. This oil is mainly produced in the area of Castilla-La Mancha.

There is also the Hojiblanca olive variety. These Spanish olive trees produce high quality oil in Malaga, Seville and Granada.

Olive oil obtained from the Manzanilla variety has a very special flavor and aroma, and it is mainly produced in the Seville region.

Finally, the Arbequina olive tree is well known for the type of oil it produces. It has an unmistakable fruity and sweet taste and is a high quality oil. This type of olive tree is typical of Catalonia.

These are the most important Spanish olive trees due to their high production of oil and table olives, as well as for their high quality. Each type of oil brings something different to your dishes. Check out the flavor of the Spanish varieties at your table, you’ll love them!