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Types of spanish olives.

There are many varieties of olive tree across the world and, therefore, many varieties of olives. It is important to consume products from our own land because they tend to be fresher and are also cheaper as they are not imported. Do you know the various types of Spanish olive?

Spain has several varieties of table olive, but some are more widespread and well known for their delicious taste and high quality. Among them are the Manzanilla, Hojiblanca, Gordal, Carrasqueña, Picual, Cacereña, Verdial and Lechín olives, among many others.

Carbonell olives

Carbonell uses the two most sought-after types of Spanish olive for its table olives: Manzanilla and Hojiblanca. Carbonell also presents these olives in all possible forms: with pit, without pit, sliced or stuffed.

Manzanilla green olives.

The fine and delicate flavor of these olives make them perfect for complementing dishes, as well as being a perfect snack for sharing with family and friends. Their mild flavor makes them a magnificent type of olive to suit everyone’s palate. These olives are ideal for creating wonderful moments around the table.

Hojiblanca black olives.

Another of the types of Spanish olive that is ideal for sharing with the family is the Hojiblanca olive. This type of olive is also provided in all forms and is perfect for adding to pizzas, salads and stews. Its unique, slightly sweet flavor makes it ideal to put out as an appetizer.

Enjoy delectable Spanish olives with your loved ones. They are a perfect appetizer as you don’t have to do much: simply serve. Your time together will be unforgettable.