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What is it about manzanilla olives that makes them so special?

There are several varieties of table olives, but those that are most well known internationally, and that are native to Spain, are manzanilla olives. Their characteristic flavor and physical qualities make them the center of attention on any table.

For starters, this olive has the perfect ratio between pulp and pit. In other words, it’s a fleshy olive with a medium-sized, slightly small pit. If the olive wasn’t delicious, this proportion wouldn’t matter so much. But the delicate, smooth flavor of these olives makes them pure perfection.



Thanks to these characteristics noted above, manzanilla olives are very versatile. They make the ideal snack for family and friends, as well as being a key ingredient for some recipes, including salads, stews, sauces, and even as a complement to some drinks. As you can see, the use of these olives is quite popular.

Carbonell olives in particular are excellent quality, having been selected at a very precise point of maturity. This moment of selection ensures multiple benefits: their high mineral content, including sodium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and calcium; their antioxidant function; and, what’s more, a strong presence of oleic acid, the healthiest fatty acid there is.

A great selection of manzanilla olives, added to a love for the land and for our nearest and dearest, means Carbonell olives help us enjoy the best moments at home. Care for your loved ones with the benefits of this delicacy — care for them with Carbonell.