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Some properties of vinegar that you didn’t know about

For a long time, vinegar was the king that cured all ills and was consumed for all manner of complaints. For sure, some of the properties of vinegar are not quite as they were once thought to be, but vinegar is still very beneficial.

Minerals in vinegar

Do you know what one of the enormous benefits of Carbonell wine vinegar is? It is very high in minerals that help the body to work at its best.

• Potassium helps with heart and kidney function.

• Zinc strengthens the immune system, regulates fat in the skin and keeps the body young (it has a strong antioxidant effect).

• Iron is needed to make hemoglobin and ensures that oxygen reaches every cell in the body. That gives you more energy.

• Calcium strengthens bones and teeth and protects against osteoporosis.

• Sodium is involved in regulating blood pressure, improves the nervous system and aids digestion.

• Magnesium helps with vitality, regulating level blood sugar and protecting our tissues and organs.

All these properties of vinegar are fundamental to the functioning of our bodies.

Other properties of vinegar

As well as the benefits of vinegar that we’ve already described, Carbonell wine vinegar slows the digestion process. That makes you feel fuller and decreases the heaviness of digestion. Furthermore, vinegar includes acetic acid that helps to lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar levels and control our bodies’ microbial growth.

Using high quality vinegar in your cooking will help you and your family to benefit from all the healthy properties of vinegar. Make the best dishes with the healthiest results, you will feel the difference!