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Why is Spanish olive oil so well known?

Many countries produce olive oil but nowhere else in the world produces oil like Spanish olive oil. Spanish olive oil is the best known in the world, for both its quality and the flavor generated by the climate and soils of Spain.

The land used to produce Spanish olive oil

Spain is the biggest producer of olive oil in the world. It has more than 6.5 million acres of olive groves and is responsible for a little less than 50% of the global production of olive oil. Do you know why?

Olive trees need the right climate to sprout, develop and bear fruit. Not all varieties thrive in every climate, so they can’t all be found just anywhere in the world.

Thanks to its richly diverse climate, microclimates and good quality soils, Spain has many varieties of olive tree, and each variety produces olives with their own texture, aroma and taste. That is why Spanish olive oil stands out in comparison to oil from other countries. Thanks to the various combinations that can be made from different varieties, the world’s most prestigious oils can be produced. Among those are Carbonell EVOOs.

Guaranteed quality, guaranteed health

It is clear that Spain is ideal for growing olives. But as well as the quality of the soils, it is essential to extract the oil in a way that respects both the olives and the oil. For that reason, Spanish olive oil has to be virgin to ensure its quality is maintained.

Extra virgin olive oil is known as liquid gold because, as well as its wonderful organoleptic qualities, it is exceptionally healthy. Since the dominant diet in Spain is the Mediterranean diet, the oil produced has to be of the highest quality and provide all the nutrients we have come to expect from olive oil. So Spanish oil is often extra virgin, to offer consumers gold-plated health.

That is why Spanish olive oil, such as Carbonell, is so highly acclaimed. When you try it, you can taste that its flavor and aroma have been carefully constructed into a careful blend of oils from the various varieties of the land. Consuming Spanish oil is to consume quality and health.