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Organic olive oil: its characteristics and which dishes to use it in.

If you like taking care of the land as much as you take care of your family, organic olive oil is the perfect oil to have at home. Caring is one of the purest acts of love and this oil not only transmits affection to the earth, it also transmits it to you and your family.

The best organic olive oil is, without a doubt, Carbonell Organic extra virgin olive oil. It is created without using chemical procedures at any time during its production and, because of this, it also protects the health of the land, olive trees, air, water and wildlife that surround us.

Furthermore, as it doesn’t have any type of chemical or go through any refinement process, it helps protect your family’s health. In fact, it not only provides protection, but also strength. The fact that this organic olive oil is made up of monounsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, makes it essential for achieving and maintaining wonderful health.

Since it is specially designed for consumers who are concerned about the environment and conscious product consumption, Carbonell Organic olive oil has a smooth and aromatic flavor, perfect for pairing with all sorts of recipes. Its balanced flavor works well with salads, as well as for preparing stews and even for frying.

This oil could not bear this name without European Organic Certification, a guarantee of the respect we have for the planet and the life inhabiting it. Consuming an exceptionally high-quality organic olive oil, like this one, will give your dishes, the planet and your family the health they deserve.