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Fast, easy and nutritious recipes for kids.

Add a touch of fun to your dishes and your kitchen with these recipes for kids

With the arrival of summer, we like to eat healthily and we want the kids to have fun doing it. That’s why today I’d like to suggest some kids recipes that are simple, fun, fresh, and healthy. So, get ready! It’s time to eat delicious food while having a good time.

A sandwich that does justice

To make a police sandwich, all you need is:

Multigrain bread.

Some slices of cheese.

One cherry tomato.

A piece of cucumber.

Carbonell extra virgin olive oil.

Drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil on the bread and place a slice of cheese on top. Trim both with a knife to make the shape of a car. If possible, reuse the excess bread for the front and back of the car. You will also need another two circles to make the wheels. Cut half the cherry tomato into slices and place two slices on the wheels, place another on top of the car to make the roof light, and use the last slice for the tail light of the car.

Add two small strips of tomato for the lower part of the windows, and make the car windows using two square slices of cucumber. The last thing you need to add is a small rectangle at the front of the car, and some strips of cheese around the roof light. And voilà! We now have an edible police car!

Submarine toast

This healthy and fun toast is one of the star recipes for kids. To make it, you’ll need:

A slice of bread.

Carbonell extra virgin olive oil.

A slice of cheese.

A slice of turkey.

A piece of carrot.

Half a tomato.

Three Carbonell olives.



Place the bread on your chopping board, drizzle with olive oil and then place the cheese on top. Trim it using a knife to make an oval or round shape. Then, cut a quarter of the slice of turkey to make the bridge. Place two slices of carrot and another two of tomato to make the windows. Use another two slices of tomato to make the rear part, and make the submarine propeller using a fine strip of cheese. Make the periscope using the carrot, tomato, and cheese.

Lastly, to decorate this kids recipe, add the sliced olives along the length of the submarine and use two small pieces of tomato to make fish, add the arugula to the lower part of the plate to make seaweed, spread the mayonnaise under the slice of turkey, and add a few dots on the plate to represent oxygen bubbles. And now… Time to eat under the sea!

An amusing fried egg

Fried egg with extra virgin olive oil is a very healthy option and one of the most handy fast meals for kids. Ingredients:

One egg.

Carbonell extra virgin olive oil.

Salt to taste.

A slice of bread.

A small piece of carrot.

Sesame seeds.

Chop three disks of carrots, cutting two of them into the shape of chicken legs and the third into a triangle to make the beak. Then, fry the egg in a frying pan and, while it is cooking, toast the bread. Once this is done, put the bread, egg, beak, and legs together to make the chicken. The last thing to add is the eyes – two sesame seeds. You can add a little parsley to serve.

As you can see, these three recipes are great for summer. In fact, once you’ve sliced and chopped up the ingredients I’ve suggested, your kids can help you create the dishes, allowing you to spend some quality time together. You can also try out different shapes to create more fun and different recipes for kids.