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Is extra virgin olive oil good for cooking?

A lot of people think it’s not good to heat EVOO, and believe that it’s better to use other oils for cooking, frying and baking. But actually, the best cooking oil is extra virgin olive oil for cooking. This is why.

To start with, extra virgin olive oil is one of the most stable oils thanks to its high monounsaturated fatty acid content. This means its properties don’t readily change when the oil is heated. In fact, this oil is slow to degrade, which means you can savor its qualities even in hot dishes.

Kitchen tips to bear in mind.

Before cooking, it is important to bear in mind some basic points. The best is using extra virgin olive oil for cooking, it will have better quality. Other types of oil, such as Olive Oil or Refined Oil, are equally good for cooking, although they don’t have as many properties, nor are they as pure as EVOO.

Another key factor is that, as with any product, when olive oil reaches a certain temperature it burns and starts to smoke. This is the moment when the oil has degraded and is no longer good to eat. The ideal is either to use a cooking thermometer to keep the oil below 390°F where it will start to burn, or to cook over a low heat.

So, the answer to the question Is extra virgin olive oil good for cooking?, is yes, EVOO is the best oil for cooking thanks to its stability and the fact that it retains all its nutritional properties.