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02 Oct 2019

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the best complement for your biscuits and cookies.




Can you use olive oil for baking?Of course! In fact, it is the perfect complement for the preparation of sponge cakes and cookies, since it is the healthiest option and helps to enhance their flavors. So, if you’re considering preparing cookies or a sponge cake, don’t hesitate to use Carbonell Extra Virgin to ensure that you and your family enjoy the best quality.

Why is EVOO the healthiest option?

When baking cookies or a sponge cake the dough is subjected to high temperatures, and ideally the ingredients used will remain in a stable state and not become toxic. Thanks to the fact that Olive Oil is mostly composed of monounsaturated fatty acids, it is the most stable vegetable fat when subjected to high temperatures. This is why it is fantastic for baked recipes and, for the same reason, frying with Olive Oil is the most recommended option.

Moreover, by using olive oil in baking you boost cardiovascular system health, thanks to the fact that it reduces bad cholesterol. Who would imagine that eating sweet foods could be healthy? If you use the right ingredients, it clearly can be.

The next time you find yourself wondering if you can use olive oil for baking, remember that it is the healthiest option thanks to its properties, namely its high stability and best nutritional value. Besides all of this, your recipes will be delicious!

Fuente: NCBI