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When are olive trees pruned?

Most of us know very little about the pruning of fruit trees and bushes. If you want to know the types of Spanish olive trees Carbonell oil comes from and when the olive trees are pruned, keep reading.

Carbonell oils are extracted chiefly from the Arbequina, Hojiblanca, and Picual varieties of olive. Our extra virgin olive oil from Arbequina olives has a very smooth, fruity flavor. Hojiblanca EVOO is of excellent nutritional quality. And the Picual is high in oleic acid and is very stable.

When are these olive varieties pruned?

While the olive tree is still young, pruning helps to give it a shape that guides its growth. Normally, most leaves are removed twice a year during the first ten years of a tree’s life.

After the olive tree’s early years, pruning will depend on the intended use of the fruit of the tree. If the tree is harvested for table olives, pruning immediately follows the harvest. And when are olive trees pruned if they are used to produce olive oil? In this case, we must wait three or four months after harvesting.

When the olive tree starts to age, it is essential to prune every branch to encourage new shoots; this gives the tree renewed vigor. Pruning might also be done after the harvest, in the same way as olive trees in production.

It’s really important to respect the plants’ natural cycle. So knowing when to prune olive trees is vital to growing the best olives and producing the best extra virgin olive oils.