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Sunday lunches with the family and how to make it through them with style

A Sunday lunch with the family that keeps everybody happy

It’s a great feeling when the end of the week draws near. But as the weekend pass, it becomes harder and harder to face the looming fact of Sunday, especially when you’re hosting

Sunday lunch with the family. Do you want everybody to enjoy their time together?

A tip for surviving the arrival of the family

My top tip is to always have a jar of Carbonell olives in the pantry. That way, you have something to offer if the family shows up hungry but you still haven’t finished making lunch. As I’m sure you’ll agree, olives are a delicacy that never fails. Your family will enjoy their delicious taste, but olives also have properties that will curb their appetite. This means you won’t have to make huge amounts of food for the meal – it’s win-win.

A Sunday staple

If you have time on Sunday morning and feel like cooking, make the go-to Sunday meal, paella. It’s sure to be a hit. But if it isn’t, grill up a few beef steaks and serve them with a pasta salad with tomatoes, eggs, lettuce, cucumber and tuna, all dressed with a dash of olive oil and vinegar. It’s the perfect combination to keep your family happy without having to spend the whole morning in the kitchen.

A healthy and delicious meal is a must for any pleasant and enjoyable Sunday lunch with the family. It’s a simple idea that will help you enjoy your Sunday to the fullest. Extra virgin olive oil and olives certainly save the day at my house every Sunday.