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Picual olive oil, one of the finest varieties.

This oil, renowned for its characteristic aroma of olive leaf, herb, tomato and fig, is one of the most extensively used and coveted Spanish oils. That’s why Carbonell uses picual olive oil with other varieties, creating two of its most delicious oils in the process. The picual variety

The flavor of the picual variety has a unique bitter and spicy twist. With its full-bodied flavor, people who are not accustomed to strong tastes, or to the consumption of extra virgin olive oil in general, may find it more intense. As a result, Carbonell chooses to blend it with other varieties, transforming it into an oil that is well-suited to all palates.

Carbonell oils

Carbonell Special Selection olive oil is the result of a blend of hojiblanca and picual olive oil. Thanks to having just the right proportions of each, the result is an oil with a fruity and exquisite aroma. It is ideal for dressing salads and for sauces, but also for preparing casseroles, soups, marinades and meats.


On the other hand, Carbonell Origin Cordobesa EVOO is intense and fruity. Its almond and dried leaf flavor make it a unique oil with a light and pleasant bitterness. It consists of two Andalusian varieties: manzanilla and picual olive oil. This oil combines beautifully with the most traditional dishes, enhancing every flavor.

Consuming these extra virgin olive oils means consuming an oil of the highest quality. They are oils that unite tradition and innovation. This makes it possible to share the best flavors of the land with your family, oils for the whole family to enjoy.