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Organic olive oil

More and more people seek to lead a life that is both healthy and good for the environment, with so many choosing to buy organic products. Organic olive oil is starting to revolutionize the market. Do you want to know why?


Characteristics of organic olive oil.


First and foremost, the source of this type of oil is olives that were grown in an ecologically friendly way, without using pesticides. During transportation, the olives cannot come into contact with any non-ecological products. In other words, they cannot be cross-contaminated.



The same is true for the grinding process at the oil mills, as well as the oil tasting and classification stages. This process should not be affected by pesticides or extraneous chemical substances.


These steps ensure an olive oil made from 100% organic olives certified with the seal of authenticity, meeting the requirements of European regulations.


Benefits of organic olive oil.


Flavor. Since the oil is 100% natural, you can enjoy each and every aroma and the range of sensations on your palate.


It is also a healthier oil since it is free of chemicals. Rich in oleic acid, it is an essential source of monounsaturated fats, which have many benefits for our body.



Our recommendation?


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