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The best olive varieties according to the experts

What would our leisurely afternoons spent on terraces be without a few tasty olives to nibble on? But we don’t want just any type of olive. We only want the best! If you too are looking for the best olive varieties, you’ve come to the right place.

Manzanilla green olives.

The most flavorful come from Seville, in southern Spain. They are picked just before they are perfectly ripe, and have mellow aromas and a slight hint of bitterness in their flavor. This type of olive variety is perfect for salads and cold dishes.

Hojiblanca black olives.

If they don’t look like olives fresh from the tree, that’s because they aren’t. It’s what gives them that special touch that makes them so delicious. These olives are riper, giving them a more intense flavor.

Stuffed olives.

Straight from the groves of Andalusia, stuffed olives make a perfect appetizer. There are many types of stuffed olives, but our favorite fillings are pimiento peppers, anchovies, or —and why not?— serrano ham (yes, that quintessential Spanish ham).

There are different types within each olive variety, depending on origin or ripeness. But one thing is clear, we love olives in all their forms. Have you tried them yet? They’ll blow you away!