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Have you heard of olive oil tourism?

If you want to do something different and learn the value of tradition with your family, then olive oil tourism is what you’ve been looking for! This type of tourism takes you to the heart of olive oil production and it is perfect for the whole family.

Where can I take part in olive oil tourism?

Spain is full of olive groves and you can take part in olive oil tourism in several regions. There are even special olive oil tourism routes. For example, there are the routes of the Kingdom of Granada, Jaen’s Green Route, the Molino de Zafra and the Sierra de Cazorla, where you can pay a visit to various olive groves, join in the olive harvest, see how and where oil is extracted, learn a little history and taste different kinds of olive oil.

Visiting an olive grove

Part of olive oil tourism involves visiting olive groves and enjoying some of the most typically Spanish countryside. You will also learn to tell how old an olive tree is and, in some places, such as Jaen, you can join in the olive harvest if you are there at the right time.

Oil tasting

Oil tasting is the main course of olive oil tourism. It is at tastings where you can truly discover the depth of the world of oil, the diversity of its texture, aroma and taste.

Oil tasting engages nearly all our senses: our sight for seeing the color palette of the oil; our sense of smell for sampling its array of aromas; our sense of taste to distinguish its flavor and the distinct sensations that it can evoke; and our touch on the palate to feel its body.

Olive oil tourism is essential for discovering the roots of your own land and its food. And, as a family, olive oil tourism can be great fun, with you and your children able to learn the secrets of this liquid gold together. It is the perfect adventure!