Chocolate mousse

Chocolate flavored dessert that will delight the most greedy of the house.

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Chocolate mousse


5 eggs

30 g of butter

250 g of chocolate

2 tablespoons of powdered sugar

Carbonell Spray for the final bowls


First put the chocolate and butter in a bowl and microwave it or cook it in a bain-marie so that the chocolate melts. Let it cool a bit (it’s worth tasting!)

Then separate the whites from the yolks and keep the whites.

Beat the egg whites until they form stiff peaks.

Put some of the egg whites in a bowl and add the melted chocolate. Mix it little by little until well combined; add the rest of the egg whites and keep mixing but this time with lighter movements.

It’s ready! Spray your bowls with Carbonell Spray and put the mix. Let them cool down in the fridge for 3 hours; decorate it with whatever you want … Yummy!

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"My grandchildren love the sweet, and to make the desserts even better, I try to accompany them with a little fruit so they give a touch of freshness when they eat them."