12 Dec, 2019

Wine vinegar, types and uses in the kitchen

 Wine vinegar, types and uses in the kitchen  Wine vinegar, types and uses in the kitchen
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Wine vinegar the ideal complement to salads, as well as for preparing and cooking the most traditional recipes. It is a feature that absolutely must have a presence at your table, since it brings a range of health benefits and enhances the flavor of your dishes.


Its high acetic acid content makes this vinegar a great companion when it comes to regulating the levels of bad cholesterol, triglycerides and high blood pressure. In this respect, it combines its power with that of olive oil, since both promote excellent cardiovascular health. Furthermore, acetic acid also helps with the absorption of minerals such as calcium.

What’s more, wine vinegar lowers glucose levels in the blood and in some foods. That’s why it is highly recommended for people who suffer from diabetes to consume it regularly as part of their diet.

Carbonell wine vinegars

Carbonell vinegars have been perfected over the course of more than 50 years. They are made from wines with an appellation of origin, which means you are offered a vinegar of the highest quality. These wines are aged in oak barrels, producing the characteristic flavor of this vinegar.

Carbonell white wine vinegar has a mild and pleasant taste. That’s why it is perfect for the preparation of mayonnaise and hollandaise sauce. Its moderately acid taste means you can use it to prepare delicious sauces for the whole family to enjoy.

There is also white wine vinegar with garlic, a very characteristic vinegar from Carbonell. This touch makes this vinegar the perfect accompaniment for dressing salads and legumes, as well as when preparing fish or roasted meat. It is also ideal for pickling and marinating fish. Your dishes will have a gentle garlic flavor that will transform them.

Finally, Carbonell red wine vinegar is a classic. This lifelong vinegar is made using only the best raw material, making it a fresh and elegant product. It is ideal for dressing salads too, as well as for cooking red meat and legumes.

Whether you’re dealing with white wine or red wine vinegar, it is the ideal complement to your recipes and it also helps you and your family enjoy great health. Get a sense of how this ingredient can enhance the taste of your recipes and enjoy meals with Carbonell at your table.