04 Nov, 2019

Uses of vinegar in your recipes

Uses of vinegar in your recipes Uses of vinegar in your recipes
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The uses of vinegar in the kitchen are a mystery to some people. Furthermore, not knowing how to distinguish between different types or what each one can be used for is one of the reasons why dishes can end up being less than perfect. Let’s take a look at how they are used!


One of the most common and well-known uses of vinegar is for dressing salads. However, it is important to know which vinegar suits each type of salad best, so that everyone in your household will come back for more.

Carbonell white wine vinegar and Carbonell apple vinegar are ideal for a mild dressing. In this respect, they go well with salads that have salmon, chicken, or ham in them. The vinegar taste will not clash with the main ingredient of the salad.

In addition, the best use for Carbonell sherry vinegar is in mixed or tuna belly salads. This vinegar has a more intense aroma but not too much acidity, so it helps to enhance the flavor of this type of salad.

Carbonell balsamic vinegar is perfect for salads containing cheeses with a strong flavor. For example, salads with goat cheese or blue cheese. As this vinegar has a sweeter taste than the rest, it contrasts with and, at the same time, enhances the taste of these cheeses in the salad.

Marinated dishes

Another use for vinegar is as an ingredient for marinades. Marinades are made by mixing some liquid ingredients with spices and leaving the meat, chicken, fish or tofu bathed in them for a while to absorb the aroma and flavor of these ingredients.

To marinate chicken, meat and tofu it is best to use Carbonell red wine vinegar. Make your marinade with this vinegar, a little red wine, mustard, salt and pepper, and you will see how the flavor intensifies and is transformed in your mouth.

If you want to marinate fish, such as hake, for example, white wine vinegar with a little lemon, thyme, pepper and salt will give it a great taste.

Other uses of vinegar

In addition to using vinegar as a dressing, it can also be used in seasonings, pickled sauces and cold soups, such as gazpacho and salmorejo.

In short, there are in many types and uses of vinegar in the kitchen. You only have to study the world of vinegar a little more to understand how far it can enhance your dishes. Once you try it in your favorite recipes, you won’t be able to leave it out.