22 Jan, 2020

What is the best oil for cooking?

What is the best oil for cooking? What is the best oil for cooking?
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This question is slightly misleading because, in reality, it all depends on the dish you want to prepare. Each olive oil is better suited to certain types of recipes. The best oil for cooking, therefore, is not determined by the oil itself, but by the dish you are planning to prepare.

Carbonell Magna Oliva. This extra virgin olive oil is characterized by its premium quality and balanced flavor, acclaimed by the most prestigious tasters. It is a perfect match for all kinds of stews, soups, cured cheeses, fish, seafood and sauces. Do you remember those lentil dishes that your grandmother used to prepare? This oil will fill your recipes with flavor, and your little ones will remember your dishes as unique and unbeatable.

Carbonell Special Selection. The combination of different olive varieties gives this cooking oil a unique and delightfully fruity flavor, with slightly herbaceous notes. It pairs very well with recipes for winter, such as soups, stews, marinades and meats, although the special flavor of this oil is best enjoyed when it is raw. Try it with your favorite salads.

Carbonell Extra Virgin. Made from 100% Spanish olives, the powerful flavor of this oil is designed to be enjoyed raw. It has a highly intense aroma and flavor, providing the ideal complement for drizzling over breakfast toast and salads. Its exquisite fruity flavor creates the perfect excuse to gather the family around the table.

Carbonell Origin Arbosana. This is an oil for cooking the most traditional Mediterranean recipes, both baked and grilled. Made from one single variety, the Arbosana olive, it is tinted with a sweet taste, with notes of citrus and nuts. These values add an extraordinary flavor to recipes that will make everyone want to come back for seconds. Its fruity flavor also makes it perfect for baking.

To achieve the best recipes, it is often enough to simply use ingredients that are of the best quality and complement each other perfectly. The same is true of your choice of oil for cooking. Use the most suitable oil for your dishes and everyone will want to join your table.