31 Oct, 2019

Learn to cook quickly and easily

Learn to cook quickly and easily Learn to cook quickly and easily
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Are these your first steps in the kitchen? We all have to learn how to cook at some stage, and it’s normal for it to seem pretty challenging at first. But it’s quite simple, and you might even get to like it. You only need to know a few basic things so that your dishes turn out perfect.

6 basic steps for learning to cook:

1. Kitchen utensils. Make sure you have everything you need to cook: pots, pans, a sharp knife… These are things you’ll need every day, and without them you can’t do anything.

2. Food and seasoning There are a few basics that are a must-have in the pantry so that you’re always able to make something. Before learning to cook, it is important that you have these ingredients on hand: salt, pepper, rice, pasta, onions, eggs, vegetables, and an extra virgin olive oil that is good for both cold dishes and for cooking —Carbonell Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal.

3. Seek help The best idea is to watch how things are done in order to learn how to do them. So, invite a relative, friend or acquaintance and ask them to make a dish with you. You can also watch videos on the Internet to learn, there are all kinds of recipes! Make sure they’re at an easy level so you don’t get overwhelmed.

4. Make your favorite dishes To get a taste for cooking and to learn how to cook it is essential that you start by making dishes you’ve always liked, but as long as they aren’t too complicated.

5. Careful with the heat. You won’t cook any faster by turning up the heat. Be sure to follow the instructions of different recipes regarding the level of heat they need so your food doesn’t burn - something that’s very common at first.

6. Practice. It’s normal for things to not go particularly well at first. The main thing is not to despair and to persevere. Practice is essential for your dishes to get better and better.

Learning to cook requires time and patience, but as soon as you start experimenting in the kitchen and start producing some delicious dishes you’re sure to feel very happy. The basis of most dishes is olive oil, so use a good quality one, and you’ll see that your dishes will soon taste wonderful