15 Nov, 2019

Vinegar is good for you. Would you like to know why?

Vinegar is good for you. Would you like to know why?	Vinegar is good for you. Would you like to know why?
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Very little is said about the health benefits of vinegar, and yet it has so many! In fact, it was commonly used to treat various ailments in the past. If you are someone who has gotten along without vinegar, after reading this you’ll realize how important it is for your health.

Why is vinegar healthy?

Vinegar is healthy because it is a natural antioxidant. That means it keeps you young and energetic by helping the cells of your body to stay strong, and not to oxidize or age.

This kitchen essential also fights cardiovascular disease by helping to reduce levels of bad cholesterol and making it less likely that fats and toxins will accumulate in the circulatory system.

Another benefit of vinegar is that it slows the breakdown of carbohydrate which helps to avoid spikes in blood glucose levels, something that is particularly important for people with diabetes.

What’s more, vinegar is healthy because its diuretic effect helps to eliminate toxins from the body. This property reduces health problems such as fluid retention and relieves constipation. Vinegar also contains very few calories and helps speed up metabolism and can therefore help us to maintain a stable weight.

In essence, vinegar keeps you youthful, improves your cardiovascular health, balances blood glucose levels, acts as a diuretic and helps to speed up your metabolism. As you can see, vinegar’s benefits are key to your health. Include quality vinegar, like Carbonell vinegars, in your favorite dishes and you are bound to see the difference.

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