17 Dec, 2019

This is how the home of the future will be.

This is how the home of the future will be. 	This is how the home of the future will be.
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Smart homes are becoming ever more common. Install a device here, another there, and pretty soon you can control your home by voice or by using your smartphone. The home of the future is here! And it brings a lot of change to how we cook.

Intelligent refrigerators

Some of the most exciting innovations in terms of technology are its use in fridges. Some apps let you control the temperature of your fridge, to see what’s inside, and to check out its status from your smartphone.

The most innovative fridges have functions such as hands-free opening (for when you are carrying something) when you put your foot under a sensor.

Ovens that can tell what you are cooking

In the home of the future you can have an oven that recognizes what you put in it and that estimates how long you should cook it for and at what temperature. These ovens even have integrated networked thermometers to tell you when your meat has cooked all the way through. They have built-in cameras so you can see how your dish is cooking from your smartphone.

Sous vide cooking in the home of the future

Cooking sous vide is becoming increasingly mainstream. It is a low-temperature, and therefore slow, cooking technique that is suitable for many kinds of food. The technique involves placing vacuum-sealed food in a water bath that does not get hotter than the boiling point of water. To keep the water at an even temperature, you need an intelligent convector that controls cooking and the time taken, and you can control this from your smartphone.

Alongside smart plugs and light bulbs, the things we have discussed will be standard in the home of the future. Thanks to this type of technology, you will be able to prepare a delicious meal without giving up your family time.