02 Oct, 2019

What health benefits does Olive Oil provide at each stage of life?

What health benefits does Olive Oil provide at each stage of life? What health benefits does Olive Oil provide at each stage of life?
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Olive oil is suitable for all ages, and it is so healthy that it provides essential nutrients for each stage of life. Consuming two tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil per day is beneficial for the health of everyone, regardless of age.

Olive oil at a young age

Childhood is a very important stage for physical and mental development. Healthy eating for children to develop their full potential is, therefore, crucial. In particular, the properties of Olive Oil, rich in vitamins A, D, K and E, help children to develop even when breastfeeding.

Other benefits of Olive Oil are its antioxidants. Thanks to antioxidants, this food helps to boost the immune system, which needs a lot of strengthening in our youngsters.

Moreover, its high oleic acid content promotes good absorption of calcium in the bones, which facilitates bone growth and strengthening. This growth continues all the way to adolescence and so it is important that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is part of the regular diet, so that the bones are healthy and strong

Youth and adulthood

It is only natural that, as they grow, cells begin to lose their vitality. The vitamins and antioxidants found in olive oil help keep the body’s cells in the best condition. In this way, the skin remains supple and well-nourished, and the hair is strengthened.

It is at these ages, most commonly, when cardiovascular disease and diabetes may begin to develop. The properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil help to reduce the cases of Type 2 diabetes, since its healthy fats regulate blood sugar levels and the production of insulin. Thanks to its high quantity of monounsaturated fatty acids, cardiovascular health is also strengthened.

Yet another of the many properties of oil is its anti-cancer activity, oleocanthal, which helps to reduce the chance of developing cancer cells.

Old age

Maintaining a healthy weight at this age is key. Olive Oil helps people to stay in shape as it results in a feeling of satiety, which helps to avoid the consumption of large food portions.

Furthermore, another benefit of olive oil is its anti-inflammatory properties. This helps reduce joint pain - which is so common at this stage of life - and potential inflammatory diseases. Consumption of this oil also improves circulation, reducing health issues such as varicose veins.

The properties of Olive Oil are ultimately beneficial to anyone who consumes it, regardless of age or condition. Choose Carbonell Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make sure you receive all of its nutrients, while enjoying its aroma and flavor.

Source: NCB