17 Oct, 2019

Halloween party games for kids

Halloween party games for kids Halloween party games for kids
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Halloween party games for kids

Halloween is coming, and with it, a good excuse to have fun as a family. Many children love this day: they dress up, play, and do special activities at school. What could be better than extending their activities so they carry on celebrating at home? Let them enjoy a fright with these Halloween party games for kids.

Scary Pumpkin

Have you ever prepared a scary-faced pumpkin with them? It’s a pretty fun activity. However, you have to use a knife to make it, and it’s very important that you are with them at all times. For small kids, instead of cutting out the face of the pumpkin, they can use a permanent marker pen to decorate it.

To make it easier for them, cut the pumpkin at the top, making a circle to clean it out as much as possible. They only have to make the eyes, nose and mouth of the pumpkin.

A word of advice: use the pumpkin filling and put it in the oven with a splash of extra virgin olive oil, and some salt and pepper. This way you’ll enjoy a very healthy dinner, as well as having a fun-filled day with this Halloween party games for kids.

Ghost cookies

Ghost-shaped cookies are a great idea to spend some time with them in the kitchen. You can have them make the ghost figure by hand, or use a cookie cutter. Use a couple of chocolate chips to make the eyes of these little ghosts.

Take the opportunity to use a cookie recipe with extra virgin olive oil, rather than butter. This simple choice will be great for the family’s health.

Playing hide-and-seek with the lights off

Another fun Halloween game for kids is hide and seek with the lights off, using flashlights. The idea is that you play it at night to make the game more mysterious, but if you are going to play with children who are very impressionable, doing it in the afternoon, when there is still a little daylight, would be a better option.

You can hide in closets, under the bed, or crouch in a corner of the house. You’ll discover what an entertaining game it is for both the kids and the adults.

These Halloween party games for kids are great fun. And now that you know about them, there’s only one thing left: Enjoy your family time to the full!