10 Dec, 2019

Fun food for kids

Fun food for kids Fun food for kids
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There are moments when kids can be hard work with food because they don’t like certain tastes, textures, or simply because they find eating ‘boring’. With that in mind, here are some helpful tricks for making fun food for kids.

Cook with them

When kids are part of the food preparation process, they get more pleasure out of eating it. So have a look for some recipes for cooking with children and, while they are preparing a recipe with you, encourage them to take an interest in learning where each ingredient comes from. You can tell them a little story if that helps them listen more intently. Raising their interest in relation to food will help them eat more easily.

Limitless imagination

To make fun food for kids is very important to use your imagination and decorate dishes so that they look like an object, an animal or a person. Immerse yourself in their worlds and get creative. The great thing about food is that there’s an array of colors, so, for example, you can make a tree or a house and make your kids see food as something more appealing. They won’t wonder if these fun foods have an ingredient they don’t like, they will see the whole picture and eat it more easily.

It is very important for children to grow up eating everything and eating well. So good fun food for kids may be just what you were looking for. Use healthy and high-quality foods such as Carbonell EVOO and, as well as having fun, they will grow more healthily.