15 Nov, 2019

What we do at home has an environmental impact.

What we do at home has an environmental impact. 	What we do at home has an environmental impact.
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Although it may not be obvious, many of our actions can have a big environmental impact. So in today’s post we are going to make some suggestions of ways for the whole family to help the environment.

1- Use fabric bags for shopping: one person in the family should be responsible for remembering to taking fabric bags to the supermarket to cut down on plastic bag use.

2- Waste recycling:make a recycling chart so that everyone in the family knows which waste goes in which section of the garbage, and make a schedule for each family member to take out the garbage one day a week. Recycling has a huge positive environmental impact.

3- Use less plastic: when shopping, avoid products packaged in plastic. The least environmentally harmful type of packaging, and the easiest to recycle, is glass. So do your best not to buy products packaged in plastic. You can also go to stores that sell in bulk.

4- Recycle oil: did you know that 1 L of used oil contaminates 1000 L of water? Whenever you need to throw oil out, wait for it to cool down and pour it into a plastic container. Then you can take it to your nearest oil recycling point. The environmental impact of this simple step is enormous because that oil can be made into Biodiesel and have a use.

These are a few steps that don’t take a huge effort: it’s just a question of changing our habits. It is essential that we educate our children about caring for the environment: we only have one Planet Earth and we must take care of it.