17 Dec, 2019

Easy homemade Christmas gifts to make with kids

Easy homemade Christmas gifts to make with kids Easy homemade Christmas gifts to make with kids
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Christmas is coming and now is the time to start making gifts for your family and loved ones. If you want to make easy homemade Christmas gifts with the children, but you don’t know how, here are some ideas for the whole family to enjoy.

Christmas cookies

Start a family tradition: give cookies that have been made by the whole family. They’re always a hit! Not only are you and the kids going to have fun but these cookies are a present that your loved ones will really enjoy.

Given how we know that at Christmas time our cholesterol goes through the roof with all those meals, get-togethers and high fat foods, use a healthy cookie recipe with Carbonell extra virgin olive oil instead of butter. These cookies are a perfect easy homemade Christmas gift to wish people a healthy, tasty Christmas.

Christmas cards

The easy homemade Christmas gift that most people think of first is the Christmas card. Choose some pretty paper and let the children do the rest. Let them be creative! They can use anything: paint, coloring pencils, macaroni, lentils and cotton wool. If your children are still very young, you can write on the back of the paper the names of the people you want to give the cards to.

Christmas tree decorations

Another present that never fails is Christmas tree decorations made by the kids. You can use what-ever you want: wood cut into tree shapes, stars or baubles; cardboard; textiles… Anything you can think of! The idea is for the kids to paint and decorate them however they like. They can dedicate them to their grandparents or cousins. One decoration per person is enough. That way, they will think of you throughout the holidays.

These are just some of the ways the kids can apply their creativity and give some of their creations to family and friends. There’s no doubt, easy homemade Christmas gifts are the most special kind of gift because the kids have great fun making them and they learn about the importance of giving as well as receiving.