Privacy statement

We take data protection and confidentiality very seriously, complying with the currently applicable national and European rules on data protection. The most important aspects of our data storage policies are explained below. We process and use your personal information only with your express consent.


1. What data do we save?
We store the information we receive from you if, for example, you enter contests or contact us in another way. This mainly involves your name, address and email address. By examining the links you click on the website, we also collect information about the things you are interested in.


2. For what reason do we use your information?
We use your information for market research and to send you by mail, email or SMS (if desired) certain information.


3. How long do we keep your data?
Basically, we store all the data you send us as long as you are in our file. If you want us to stop using your information, we will of course honour your request immediately (see point 5).


4. Can you verify what information we hold on you?
Yes. On request, we will inform you about the data we hold on you.


5. Can you remove your stored data?
Yes. You can always let us remove part, or all of your data. We will honour your request immediately and you will receive no further emails or other communications from us. In some cases, we are legally obliged to keep your data. We will not delete your data but block so that they can no longer be used.


6. What are cookies and do we use them?
Cookies are small text files that can be saved when you visit websites on the hard drive of your computer. The information in cookies allows you to easily browse and ensures our web pages displayed are correct. Our cookies are not designed to identify you as a person. By adjusting the settings on your browser, you can prevent cookies from being saved. See the instructions for your browser.


7. Do we share your information with third parties?
No. The information you provide will not be sold, rented or exchanged. If we order other companies to work for us (e.g. sending emails), we require these companies, to protect your data and use it only for the specific purpose as ordered. In addition, these companies are obliged to treat your data in accordance with this data protection declaration and the legal provisions in force at present.


8. Data Security
All data is stored on servers that meet stringent safety standards and are protected against abuse and unauthorized access. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.