How is Carbonell olive oil produced?

Carbonell olive oil is produced in Cordoba. The olive oil of Carbonell is made from carefully selected olives ripened under the Spanish sun. In order to guarantee the excellent quality of Carbonell olive oil, it is necessary to pick the olives at the moment that the olives are completely ripe.

There are still many olive farmers who harvest in the traditional way: The olives are carefully beaten out of the olive tree using long sticks. The olives then fall onto a soft canvas so they cannot bruise. In recent years more modern ways have been developed for harvesting. Nowadays , there are modern agricultural tools (machines) which grasp an olive tree and shake it back-and-forth to allow the olives to fall off the trees. Also with this method the olives fall onto a soft canvas cloth. An important advantage of this method is that the olives are picked faster, which ultimately is to the benefit of the quality of the olive oil. It is of high importance that the olives do not bruise and are pressed as quickly as possible, otherwise it is no longer possible to obtain a high-quality Extra Virgin olive oil. Therefore the pressing of the olives starts within 24 hours after harvesting at Carbonell.

After picking, the olives are transported, as soon as possible, to a modern olive oil mill. Here the olives are selected on olive variety, quality and maturity. Thereafter, the olives, in a careful manner, are separated from leaves, stems and twigs in order to be washed.

After washing the olives, including the pit, are crushed. This olive paste is then gently kneaded in modern implements. This process is important to maximize the flavour and character of the oil obtained from the paste. The olive paste is put in a large drum to divide the olive oil and water from the paste (because an olive consists of olive oil, pulp and water). In a smaller drum, the oil is then separated from the water. This drum rotates at high speed and therefore the lighter olive oil can be separated from the heavier liquid (water) . This process is also called “spinning.”

The olive oil is now ready to be tasted and approved.

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