Baking & Roasting

With Carbonell Mild and Olive oil you can easily bake, fry, stir-fry and grill. Because there are many more questions about the use of olive oil we have nine helpful cooking tips for baking and roasting with olive oil collected for you. Learn for example how to create a healthy gravy with olive oil!


Pure flavour of your ingredients

Carbonell Mild has a mild flavour which makes the pure taste of your other ingredients come into their own! Ideal if you mainly wish to enjoy the health benefits of olive oil.


Greasing your baking tray/casserole with olive oil

Use Carbonell Olive oil or Mild to grease your baking trays. Best to use a brush to coat with olive oil.


Grilling with olive oil

Grilling with Carbonell olive oil gives your meat, fish or vegetables a great taste! Plus, you get those nice grill lines. Lightly oil the ingredients with Carbonell Mild or Olive oil and put your food in the pan. Turn your ingredients after 1 or 2 minutes. You can also give the ingredients a quarter turn to get a nice “grill diamond”.


Marinade based on olive oil

Carbonell olive oil is the ideal base for a delicious marinade.


Barbecue with olive oil

Carbonell olive oil can also be used for the barbecue. Grease your meat or fish with Carbonell Mild or Olive oil before putting it on the barbecue. You can also use Carbonell olive oil to marinate your meat.


Stir-frying with olive oil

Carbonell olive oil and Mild are also ideal for stir frying.

Use Carbonell Mild olive oil if you do not want to taste the typical flavour of olive oil in your food but want to take advantage of all the healthy qualities. Carbonell Mild has an extra mild and gentle flavour allowing the natural taste of your ingredients to be preserved.


Make a gravy of olive oil

With the juices that remains after roasting with olive oil you can easily create a delicious and healthy gravy! Add a cup of water or herbal broth to the moisture and cook briefly in the pan.


How do you bake the ideal little potato?

First let the pan heat well on medium heat. Only then pour Carbonell olive oil or mild into the pan and gradually add the potatoes. Start on medium heat and then turn it down to cook the potatoes.


Baking without splashes?

Baking with olive oil without splashes! Moisture and oil do not mix. Olive oil spatters only if it comes into contact with moisture. Ensure your meat or fish is dry before frying. For example, use a paper towel to dry the meat or fish. Also make sure your pan is dry when you’re baking.